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All Natural Chin Augmentation

Sliding genioplasty augments the chin using your own tissue, not an implant. All Natural Chin Augmentation By: Dr. Charles S. Lee All natural chin augmentation is also known as a sliding genioplasty. Chin implant is a traditional choice for correcting a small chin on profile. An incision is made under the chin or in the [...]

All Natural Chin Augmentation

What you’ll need to know about Sliding Genioplasty

Anchor incision surgery with inner corner correction

Right eye was slightly droopier prior to surgery but was able to be corrected at the time of crease placement using the anchor method. The anchor technique allows precise movement of the eyelid opening muscles at the time of crease placement. The swelling is slightly longer than the standard eyelid techniques, but the long term results justify [...]

Jawline reduction (Mandibular angle reduction)

Jaw angle reduction of jaw narrowing by oral or behind the ear approach.

Non surgical browlift, midfacelift, lip-corner lift

Non surgical browlift and non surgical midfacelift with almost no downtime using a combination of filler and Botox (R). Treatment of the “tear-trough” midface particularly common in Asian patients.

asian eyelid, nose, chin and buccal (cheek) fat

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